Today we had a special public event - INFORMANS - in Anton Podvevšek Theatre in Novo mesto. Directors of the 2015's performances Matjaž Berger, Jaša Koceli, Mare Bulc and Iztok Kovač presented their projects for the first time in public. 

Photo: Borut Peterlin

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On Saturday, 21st of February we travelled to Zagreb with the performance Café Dada (production by Ljubljana City Theatre). We performed in the famous Zagreb Youth Theatre (z/k/m).

Photo: Eva Mahkovic

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PREMIERE 4.2.2015

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On Monday, 2nd of February we had a press conference for the performance Breathless: Now in Kinodvor cinema to honour the linkage of theatre and film in this project. In the best cinema in town they will screen the last film of Jean-Luc Godard Goodbye to language on 31st of March 2015 in 3D technique. In the same period Slovenian Cinematheque will also screen Godard's famous film debut Breathless, which is the base for our theatre performance. 

Director of Ljubljana City Theatre Barbara Hieng Samobor presented the project together with the whole creative team.  

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In February there will be mini festival of the performances I created with collaborators in last two seasons. We will also perform in Zagreb with one of them. 

I kindly invite you to join the audience on following occasions:

03.2 at 8 PM - Breathless: Now in Ljubljana City Theatre

04.2 at 8 PM - Breathless: Now in Ljubljana City Theatre, premiere

06.2 at 8 PM - Café Dada in Ljubljana City Theatre

09.2 at 8 PM - Café Dada in Ljubljana City Theatre

10.2 at 8 PM - We are coming in Glej Theatre

21.2 at 8 PM - Café Dada in Zagreb Youth Theatre

25.2 at 8 PM - Breathless: Now in Ljubljana City Theatre

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We shot a video for the performance Breathless: Now in the style of movie trailers for Godard's films in the '60.

All the actors perform. 


Screenplay: Jaša Koceli

Camera: Mankica Kranjec

Music: Miha Petric

Voice: Boris Kerč


Yesterday we had a press conference in the Kulturnica hall on Jewish lane 1 in Ljubljana. It was organized by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Its director Uroš Korenčan presented the season 2015 and all the five directors in it, besides me Mateja Kokol, Ajda Valcl, Milan Golob and Zoran Petrovič. With my creative team I'll be working on the performance The Flowers of Evil.   

Link to the press release on the Planet Siol portal:    

Photo: LGL



After the official end of my resident year 2014 I want to say thank you to the whole team at Glej theatre - it was unforgettable!