Almost sixteen years after the performance Dictionary of the Khazars, directed by Tomaž Pandur in 2002, that premiered in Sava center in Belgrade and at the Ljubljana Festival in Slovenia, his team created another performance after the great novel by Milorad Pavić. This time they made original ballet called Dream hunters. Producers are National Theatre in Belgrade and Madlenianum. After Symphony of Sorrowful songs Jaša Koceli again joined the team as the light designer. Jaša was assistant director in the last finished performance by Tomaž Pandur - Goethe's Faust in SNT Drama Ljubljana

Dictionary of the Khazars - Dream Hunters
Premiere: 19th May 2018 (National Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia).
Second premiere: 24th May 2018 (Opera & Theatre Madlenianum). 

Direction, dramaturgy: Livija Pandur
Choreography: Ronald Savković
Composer: Miroslav Bako
Sets: Sven Jonke
Costumes: Angelina Atlagić 
Light design: Jaša Koceli
Photography: Aljoša Rebolj

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