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based on texts by Miran Jarc



Premiere 9th February 2013

Glej theatre

45 min



Directed by     Jaša Koceli 
Text adaptation   Jaša Koceli
Set design   Darjan Mihajlović Cerar 
Costume design   Branka Pavlič

Miha Petric 


Boris Bezić

Lighting design  

Grega Mohorčič

Speech consultant   Maja Cerar 

The performance

was supported by



Krka, d.d., Novo mesto 

and Municipality of Novo 





Miran Jarc        Jure Kopušar


“To sing the song from within, blood-wild.

To be a sorcerer in hell,

one's self-same murderer

and yet creator of a universe anew."  

                          Miran Jarc



"No There Is No Shore" is the professional debut of young director Jaša Koceli, a devised theatre piece, based on the works of Miran Jarc, poet, playwright, writer, essayist and translator. In this year's first premiere on Glej theatre's stage, the young team of theatre makers will present an hommage to the least known artist from among the giants of the Novo Mesto spring.

In his youth, Miran Jarc proclaimed that war is not outside but rather within man. That the greatest dramas of our lives take place within us and that the world is falling apart due to unfulfilled yearnings. His youthful art is a forgotten pearl from a forceful period of overheard screams and the performance re-uses the almost a century old charges of expressionism. Where do they strike now?


The performance "No There Is No Shore" is the professional debut of director Jaša Koceli. Along with a creative team of young theatre makers (Jure Kopušar – recipient of Student Sever Award; set designer Darjan Mihajlović Cerar and costume designer Branka Pavlič; musician Miha Petric) he brings to Glej theatre's stage an hommage to the Novo Mesto artist Miran Jarc, too often overlooked giant of the Novo Mesto spring.


The performance focuses on the various faces of Miran Jarc and his travels into himself. The atmosphere and situation are derived from the author's dramatic piece Fiery Dragon. The theatre space represents the spiritual world of the artist. We find ourselves aboard a boat, lost on the horizon. The poet acts in the belly of the sea and travels its depths. 




Photo: Sunčan Stone

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Video: Gregor Gobec