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Aja Zamolo, Rebecca Perry, Camille Faucherre, Mitja Drab


First part of the trilogy Silent city


Premiere: 27th March 2014

Theatre Glej

75 min


Director and

concept author

Jaša Koceli 


Costume design Branka Pavlič 
Music Miha Petric
Photo projections Mankica Kranjec
Lighting design  Grega Mohorčič 
French consultant Neja Petek
English consultant Barbara Poček
French translation Gašper Torkar
English translation Eva Mahkovic
Sweet  Lena Hribar
Dark  Miranda Trnjanin
Hip  Filip Samobor
Street  Nik Škrlec



The Silent City project combines poets from numerous European countries with Slovenian actors. All involved in the project are 30 years old or less. In 2014 the director and his crew will stage a trilogy of theatrical performances that will revolve around dufferent themes in the lives of the Y generation in various European cities. 


How does the „me me me me generation" live? What do the fragments of their lives in a city look like when they are compiled into a mosaic? A thousand people represent a thousand truths and this diversity leads to increased separation. Once we move from the streets into the dark theatres we get a clearer view of the city. Once in the theatre our urban environment becomes a drum for our aspirations, a membrane of relations and desires, where the true sounds of the city can be heard. The city represents the frame, destiny and background for our lives.


How does a city sound if we chop it up, swallow it and go to bed? What happens to the streets while we are asleep? Where does the city go if we depart? How can we stay angry with the city and still live in it? How can we silence the unbearable hum?


The truth can never be found in the city itself, but in the feelings we have for it. The city is everywhere around us, but most of all it lives within us.


The performance will take place in three languages: English, French and Slovene. Slovene surtitles will be provided.                                                                                                                                               


Photo: Mankica Kranjec

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Video: Gregor Gobec


Teaser: Mankica Kranjec