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Aja Zamolo, Rebecca Perry, Ana Svetel, Rebecca Ciesielski, Yasmin Hafedh, Camille Faucherre, Mitja Drab, Gašper Torkar in Adrià Targa Ramos


Second part of the trilogy Silent city


Premiere: 23rd May 2014

Glej Theatre

35 min


Director and concept author Jaša Koceli 
Music Miha Petric
Lighting design Grega Mohorčič
Tina Gunzek Lena Hribar
Jernej Čampelj  Miranda Trnjanin
Blaž Setnikar  Filip Samobor
Barbara Ribnikar  Nik Škrlec





City. River and a bridge. A point from which we see the city's flow. We will dive into it and stare at its scary face. We will not be afraid. The wind will blow and take us high above the bridge, from where we will be able to see our tomorrow. A million unfamiliar people will paddle flying canoes above the Ljubljana castle. They will tells us we were only dreaming. We will spit across the bridge and say: what a blessing.


We will fail to believe the rumours, we will start calling in the city people and pass our stories onto them. We will sing about all the broken hearts and cracked skulls. We will try to make the scream run through the eyelids of the sleeping and the footsteps of those awake and connect them, even if merely for a minute moment. We will call the river ghosts together.


We will bow to the city, the river and people and say that we will never meet again.


Glorious city, our messy and unmissable friend!


9 poets, 8 actors, 1 guitarist and 1 director.


This theatre event will be performed in English, French, German, Spanish and Slovene language as part of 8th Theatre Festival Overflight. 


Photo: Mankica Kranjec

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Video: Gregor Gobec