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Rebecca Ciesielski, Ana Svetel, Gašper Torkar, Adrià Targa Ramos 


Third part of the trilogy Silent city


Premiere 28th September 2014

Glej theatre

50 min


Director and

concept author

Jaša Koceli


Set design  Darjan Mihajlović Cerar
Video Boris Bezić



Marko Petriček and

Gašper Torkar 

Lighting design Grega Mohorčič

Spanish language consultant

Ana Pandur Predin 

German language consultant

Urška Brodar 

Jernej Čampelj Tina Gunzek
Barbara Ribnikar  Blaž Setnikar









We are coming is the title of the final part of Jaša Koceli's year long art residency Silent City in Glej Theatre. This is a story of young people who set off through the streets of an abandoned and shattered City. Their lives switch from screens to streets. They become inseparable, and together they conquer the ruins and start living in the urban gloom. They represent the exact opposite of what the generation Y is believed to be, i.e. non-uniform and lost.


The text for We are coming was written by the poets Gašper Torkar and Ana Svetel from Slovenia, Adria Targa Ramos from Spain and Rebecca Ciesielski from Germany. The performers Barbara Ribnikar, Jernej Čampelj, Tina Gunzek and Blaž Setnikar are all prominent actors of the younger generation.


The Silent City trilogy was initiated by the director Koceli and carried out with the support of the producers in Theatre Glej. The trilogy joined poets from numerous European capitals: from Ljubljana, to London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Barcelona. Their poetry describes their experiences in their home cities and in foreign, strange cities, shows how the noise and sounds of the urban exterior infiltrates their innermost feelings. The young actors and their interpretations of the poets make them the voices of the young from all across Europe.


Even though we, the members of the Y generation, are dispersed, indecisive, insecure, spoiled, egocentric, unemployable, over qualified, complex and generally evasive, we are coming! In the first line we are coming for the punch, we are coming for the responsibility, we are coming for the work, the awards and defeats, we are coming together, we dare to play and show our strength!


Look out because tomorrow we will no longer be on the way, for we will have arrived! We will conquer the city while you are asleep and dreaming of the past. Our big bang is only a few steps away.              


Photo: Mankica Kranjec

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Video: Gregor Gobec


Promo photo: Mankica Kranjec

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Playbill of the trilogy Silent City